Best ASO ( App Store Optimization ) Company in Chandigarh

Best ASO ( App Store Optimization ) Company in Chandigarh

The best App Store Optimization (ASO) companies in Chandigarh help your app grow into a more accessible and profitable venture. ASO is a branch of digital marketing that helps your business gain visibility and get users for your app. When opting for ASO services keep in mind that the company provides you with a satisfactory and integrated ASO programme.

This blog can help you better understand the significance and advantages of ASO, in regard to your digital marketing needs.

What is App Store Optimization ?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of making improvements to the app’s download page. These help your app to climb the visibility ladder and encourage more people to download it. Apps are more visible when they rank highly on a wide variety of search terms (keyword optimization), maintain a high position in the charts, or get featured on the store.

ASO relies on discoverable content and the manipulation of the app store’s ranking algorithm. ASO helps you in successfully communicating the uses and benefits of your app, both to the store and potential users. This increases the potential to increase your reach and app installs.

Reasons why you shouldn’t ignore ASO

The two major App Stores are Apple’s ‘App Store’ for iOS devices and Google’s ‘Play Store’ for android devices. According to Google, 40 percent of apps  are discovered through app store searches. Not using ASO to increase your apps search ranking means missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

Here is why you should definitely utilize ASO for your apps.

  • Improving your App’s visibility

Without prominently ranking on the app store, people are unable to find your app. You would then need to rely on other channels like your website, social media, email lists, etc. to drive awareness and traffic.

Most mobile phone users utilize search to find new apps. More than half of all downloads happen directly after a search. This means that the App stores are the most popular way of finding new apps.

Ranking on the App store does not happen by sheer luck. You need a thorough and reliable ASO strategy to influence your growth on the platforms.

  • Increase Organic Installs

The ASO process involves writing attractive descriptions, titles and sharing attention-grabbing screenshots on the App Page. This helps to make your app stand out and grab clicks from searchers.

ASO is a fantastic long-term marketing strategy. Once you set it up you can get more organic downloads with zero  or minimal additional costs. 

  •  Increase your App’s Revenue & Conversions

Not only does ASO reduce costs and improve brand awareness but it can also help boost your revenue. The more viewers you get and convert to users, the greater your potential revenue can be.

More users lead to more potential in-app purchases. ASO helps to maximize your conversion rate, bringing more people to view your app page who then download your app and become users.

  •  Ensures sustainable App Visibility

ASO is crucial for sustained, long-term app visibility. Once you’ve done the hard work with ASO it can deliver results for a much longer period. Paid ads can bring instant results but they require regular investments to continue attracting users.

  •  Improves user targeting

Even with a great app, targeting the wrong people as potential users can lead to your retention rate falling down. ASO helps you reach the right users to download and use your app.

Retention rates from organic installs tend to do better than non-organic ones. By targeting the interests of your market with keyword optimization you can ensure that their needs and problems align with your app’s value proposition.

  • Helps you reach a Global Audience

ASO help you tap into international markets through app localization. Localization is making your app page suitably reflect the culture and language of another market.

Localization helps you overcome the language barrier of the target market. Also reflecting the culture of the market helps to show sensitivity and familiarity, increasing conversion rates.

Here’s a short list of ways to improve your app’s ranking with ASO :

  • Using keywords in your app’s names.
  • Including keywords in your app’s description.
  • Localizing your content.
  • Using the right primary and secondary app categories.
  • Screenshots and other useful images.
  • Optimizing the frequency of app updates.
  • Maximizing the impact of app store assets.

Your app and the needs of its audience will inevitably change over time. Your ASO strategy should also follow suit to constantly adapt and be better. The App Stores’ highest ranking apps constantly maintain and update their content. New features are always included in the description and user feedback improves their ASO strategy.

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