7 Steps to Effectively Promote Your Mobile App Using Facebook Ads

7 Steps to Effectively Promote Your Mobile App Using Facebook Ads

Regarding marketing, nothing comes close to Facebook regarding user base and effortless targeting.

Whether you are a business owner, mobile application builder, or app developer, you can massively benefit if you promote your mobile app using Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads for mobile apps can help you build brand awareness, attract new users, reengage existing users, and much more.

But, as good as it may sound, there are some hurdles too. Facebook is so lucrative that it is flooded with people trying to get an edge over your app. The stiff competition means you must create the best possible ads to succeed in this market.

That’s why we will be helping you in promoting mobile apps using Facebook Ads.

Expert Advice:  If you want to advertise an app on Facebook, anything less than perfect can tarnish your brand reputation and do more damage than good. It’s always better to choose an industry-leading digital marketing expert to run Facebook mobile app ads and ensure the minimum customer acquisition cost and proper brand building.

Promote Your Mobile App Using Facebook Ads

Tip #1 – Configure Facebook Ads

One of the most tedious and crucial steps of running Facebook Ads is to set them up Facebook Ads correctly. Calling it a simple process would be an understatement.

To begin with, you must register your app and obtain Android SDK and iOS SDK as needed. The SDK allows you to define events and conversions. The intention here is to enable Facebook to understand how advertisements perform for you.

For example, you can define a suitable event like “Add To Cart” or “Checkout.” The SDK will share that data with Facebook Ads whenever that event occurs in your app. Based on this information, Facebook will try to focus ads on the users that are more likely to perform those events.
Facebook’s SDK is optional, yet we highly recommend you implement it for better tracking and performing tasks like ad retargeting (more on that later). You must define relevant events and then set up tracking for all of them. Suppose it sounds too complicated, or you want a proper professional setup. In that case, we at Webroot Tech will be to serve you.

Tip #2 – Decide Ad Objectives

Before running your ads, you must decide your ad objectives, audience, and campaigns. These things can’t be fixed in a hurry.

Take your time and carefully determine the purpose of your ads. Your Ad objective could be Lead Generation, Conversions, App Installs, Engagement, etc. 

Facebook can optimize your mobile app ad delivery to match your unique advertisement objectives, thus providing you with much better results in the long run.

Tip #3 – Deciding Target Audience

As far as your audience is concerned, most beginners who want to advertise an app on Facebook carelessly select too big or too small an audience. Many things must be considered while choosing your audience. Try to remove all irrelevant audiences.

Here are some essential factors for targetting:

  • Language: Select an audience that can speak/read your advertisements easily. (Like, you don’t want Americans to see your ads written in French)
  • Interests: You can choose from various broad interests to find people interested in your application
  • Technology:  Filter users based on their technology use. If you are building an Android app, there is no point in targeting iOS users.

Age: Older people are less comfortable downloading and installing apps, so younger audiences will likely do better.


After deciding on your audience, this is the most critical step. Your ad copy is what your audience would see. A compelling ad copy should generate interest in users, be informative about your mobile app, and pursue your audience to install your app.

Ideally, you want a concise yet catchy starting line that could include a unique feature or a solution to a common problem that your app provides. Next, 1-2 lines should be used to elaborate on the features. 

After that, you should use 1 line to create urgency in the user by telling about a limited-time offer, sale, limited stock, etc. You must end with a short call to action in the last line: “Start using {app_name} today! Download here: {app_link}”


People prefer to read plain text. That’s why the best Facebook ads for apps try to make ads more interesting and fun to read. If you want your users to read your advertisements, you must make them attractive.

Accompany your ad copy’s text with graphics that could demonstrate the working of your app, highlight essential features, etc. As people casually scroll through Facebook, they might not even glance at an ordinary advertisement. But, an ad with an image having attractive visuals and easy-to-read text would stand out to them.

If you need to be more capable of creating professional graphics, we recommend you hire a skilled marketing agency like Webroot Tech to promote your mobile app using Facebook Ads.

Besides, you can also experiment with emojis in your ad copy to ensure people pay more attention to your text. Do not go overboard with images or emojis.

Trying to over optimize in a way that jeopardizes ease of use and accessibility for users can lead to a ban on your advertising account.


To grow your mobile app, you must constantly monitor your ads and ad campaigns’ performance. Your focus should be on minimizing the conversion cost for each ad campaign.

When implementing Facebook ads for apps, always keep an eye on the built-in analytics with information about the performance of every app in every campaign. Sometimes the entire campaign is underperforming, while others, some specific advertisement underperforms. Use this information to improve your ads and make them more profitable.

You could also use this data to understand your user intent by understanding various parameters and making informed decisions for growing your business.


The last and one of the most crucial tips to promote your mobile app using Facebook Ads is to implement Retargeting.

Retargeting involves showing ads to convert a half-interested user using Mobile SDK, users that clicked the advertisement but didn’t complete the desired event like app installation/setup. 

These users can be targeted again to get them to convert again. It is a low-cost, practical, and easy tip to promote your mobile app using Facebook Ads.

The Verdict

Facebook ads for apps are one of the most effective ways to run advertisements and promote mobile apps online. It takes a lot of skill to master Facebook Ads.

Fortunately, our practical tips for promoting mobile apps on Facebook Ads will make your life easier. As a beginner, you can use our guide to build reasonable ads to boost your app.

However, if you still are not confident about building Facebook Ad campaigns or want to create highly competitive and cost-effective ad campaigns. In that case, you must choose a high-quality digital marketing service like Webroot Tech.

These services can significantly reduce customer acquisition costs by helping you promote your mobile app using Facebook Ads. The best ad agencies to promote mobile apps using Facebook Ads would identify lesser-known opportunities and exploit them to the fullest to give you an edge over your competition.

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