Learn Social Media Marketing

Learn Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for the best social media marketing course in Tricity?

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Webroot Technology is here to assist. In today’s world, the demand for digital marketers is spiked as all the businesses are going digital. Here Webroot Technologies brings you a digital marketing course to prepare you for the best.

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Social Media Marketing Course Details

  • Introduction to this course & social media
    1. Introduction to the course!
  • Starting with the basics – Beginners
    1. What is Social Media and the broadening scope of Social Media
  • Your Social Media Strategy
    1. Choosing your channels
    2. Introduction Social Strategy & the Social Journey
    3. Vision & Goals
    4. Final words on your Strategy
  • Starting with the basics – Beginners
    1. What is Social Media and the broadening scope of Social Media
  • Getting started with the social networks
    1. Facebook: the quick start guide
    2. Youtube: the quick start guide
    3. Twitter: the quick start guide
    4. Instagram: the quick start guide
  • The Social Media Audit and Calendar
    1. The Social Media Audit and Calendar
  • History of Social Media
    1. History of Social Media
  • Social Media Content Marketing
    1. An introduction to content marketing
    2. The 5 Types of Content Marketing Content Marketing Do’s and Dont’s
    3. Content Planning
    4. Content Marketing for Customer Services
    5. Content Marketing for Recruitment
    6. Content Planning Template
    7. Case study: Red Bull
  • Facebook – What you need to know
    1. Facebook: The Content Mix
    2. Scheduling Posts
    3. Creating Offers
    4. Post review function
    5. Moderation & age/country restrictions
    6. Page Messaging
    7. Call to Action Buttons
    8. Insights & Analytics
    9. Case study: Cadbury
    10. Case study: Innocent Drinks
    11. Case study: Air Asia
  • Twitter – What you need to know
    1. Twitter: The Content Mix
    2. Privacy & Security
    3. Following & Tweeting
    4. Following Do’s and Don’ts
    5. Notifications
    6. Pinning Tweets
    7. Basic Analytics
    8. Case Study: Tommy Hilfiger
    9. Case study: Bonobos
    10. Case study: Oreo
    11. Case study: Sammy’s
    12. Case study: Cadbury
  • Blogging – what you need to know
    1. Why blog and considerations
    2. Which platform?
    3. Creating a WordPress.com site/blog
    4. Content and frequency
    5. Optimisation
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