The Website Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Online Presence

The Website Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Online Presence

In this era, every business wants to enter the digital realm to emerge as a successful business or brand. Businesses run on the trust they build with their customers.  Meanwhile, for an organization to build trust through a digital platform, they can use social media, however, the personal website creates more impact. Following this, the boom for website creation is on the next level. The businesses from every niche are willing to have their website to inform and sell services and products to customers. 

Moreover, people don’t know what are the processes that take place in website development. If you wanna understand the elaborative process behind the development of the website, the blog awaits you.

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What is Website Development?

To understand what Website Development is, we must have a good grasp of the term “website”. Website consists of two words web and site. Web means internet and site stands for place. A website is a place on the internet where an organization puts information that can be found on the World Wide Web.

Furthermore, website development is the creation and maintenance of websites. It’s the work that happens behind the scenes to build a website that looks great, works fast, and can provide a seamless user experience. Web developers or devs use a variety of coding languages to achieve the design and functionality of the website. However, recently, many platforms have allowed non-coders to develop a fully functional website without any issues. 

The website can be divided into different types depending on the niche it is developed for. The niche of the website also determines what functionalities it’s gonna have. Nonetheless, if we talk about the development process, the website requires two types of developers to develop it. The developers are front-end developers and back-end developers.

Who is a Front-end Developer?

A front-end developer is a technical person who takes care of the front-end part of the website. Front-end of the website is anything that a person can see or interact with. It is visible to the viewers, unlike the back-end functionality. The Front-end part thus includes design, navigating menus, texts, images, videos, graphical user interface (GUI), etc.  Usually, banners and UI/UX developers approach the graphic designer.

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Who is a Back-end Developer?

A technically sound person knowing developing functionalities on the website. It is mostly done through coding however, many recent platforms are there which facilitate even non-coders to create these functionalities. These functionalities are not visible to the viewers but can be experienced. A query form would be the best example of this. 

Road to Building Trust: Process of Website Development

We have understood the website and its needs in today’s world. Now, let’s have a look at how the websites are built that flourish your business.

Collecting Information

The very first step starts with the work of information gathering. The information that must be gathered are:

  • In which niche does the company fall?
  • To which audience it is targeting regarding their age group, demographic, and interest?
  • The history of the company.
  • And most importantly, the purpose of the business.

More information can be gathered, however the most important are the ones discussed above.

Planning and Requirement Analysis

Once all the related information is gathered, next comes the planning. The website requires different kinds of technical persons, and therefore, making it efficient is necessary to meet the deadline and expectations.

Designing the User Interface

The practical part of the website development starts from here. Once everything is planned effectively, then the UI/UX developer is asked to start wireframing and developing an interface. The next step is to set up the user flow by defining the prototyping on the designed interfaces. When the interfaces for all the web pages are done, then they forward these designs to the developers.

Front-end Development

After receiving the design from UI/UX developer the front-end developer starts creating the web page for each of the designs. They use the prototypes to define the links on the webpage. 

Back-end Development

It includes the addition of the functionalities that are going to work on the website. Let’s suppose we are gonna have a calculator on our website. The back-end developer is required to make the functionality that could take the input from the user and show the correct output to them. Once it is developed with all the other required functionalities the next step comes into the role play.

Database Integration

A website may or may not have database integration. However, nowadays, almost every website has a database integration. A database is required to save the data that is to be shown to the users or gathered from the users. 

Testing and Quality Assurance

When the design, functionality, and database integration are all set up then the project is forwarded to the Testing team. The testing team ensures that the design is all consistent along with the working functionalities. If there comes any issue then it is forwarded to the respective developer to rectify.

Deployment and Hosting

The website development process is often done on the local servers. When all the expectations of the website are met, then it is deployed on the live server from where it is viewable on the internet.

Maintenance and Updates

Everything requires maintenance and so does the website. The website is required to be maintained and updated to meet the development standard. Moreover, for publishing blogs and giving updates on the product the website is required to look after.

How Webroot Technologies can help you?

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