Steps For An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

Steps For An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

social media marketing plan

Steps For An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan is a necessary marketing channel for enterprises of all extents. The common problem a few years ago, “why should our business practice social media?”, is now being substituted with, “how can our business thrive with social media marketing?”.
As a social media marketer, a social media marketing plan gets us very excited. What doesn’t make us excited is how many companies are still working to market on social media without a proper strategy. In this post, you will learn the steps your business must need to build an effective social media marketing strategy.

social media plan

Step 1: Audit Your Current Social Presence

“Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate.” – Beth Comstock

Before you strategize about wherever you are headed, take a prompt look at where you are. A few sections to consider when auditing your business’s social media presence are:

  • Which networks are you currently running on
  • Are your networks optimized (photo and cover pictures, bio, URL, etc.)
  • Which networks are currently making you the most value
  • How do your profiles link to your competitors’ profiles

We give a total online presence audit that includes a broad analysis of your social media, content, SEO, and web structure with a presentation of key priorities and recommended plan – Examine out our Total Online Presence Audit.

Step 2: Document Who Your Ideal Customer Is

“Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker
You will want to get as precise as possible with this section. For example, if you classify your target market as parents it would be ok. However, if you identify your ideal client as a parent that exists in the United States, is within 30 and 50 years of age, earn over $70,000, essentially uses Facebook and has an interest in outside activities you will have much more achievement.
Even the best marketers will break if they are marketing to the wrong audience. Answer the subsequent questions to help you come up with a highly focused buyer persona:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Income
  • Pain Points (that your business can solve)
  • Most Used Social Network

Step 3: Create A Social Media Mission Statement

“What makes you weird, makes you unique and therefore makes you stand out.” – Dan Schawbel
Your social media mission report will drive your planned actions, so make sure you put some consideration into it. This description will make it clear precisely what you intend to use your social media presence and should match your brand identity. Keep in understanding your ideal customer when trying to create this account.
An instance mission statement might be “to use social media to reach current and potential customers of digital marketing, with a center on social media marketing.” Once you have this report documented, it will make it manageable for you to decide what to share and create.
If it doesn’t align with your purpose statement, forget about it. Businesses that post randomly without a guiding purpose will fail. People regard experts, not generalists.

Step 4: Identify Key Success Metrics

“If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it.” – Lord Kelvin
How will you decide if your social media marketing attempts are successful? I am not only talking about getting more followers, but I am also talking about earning money. After all, it is hard to justify spending time and money on something that isn’t changing the bottom line.
A few metrics to view measuring are:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Time Used on Website
  • Reach
  • Brand Mentions
  • Sentiment
  • Total Shares

Step 5: Create and Curate Engaging Content

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” – Bill Gates
Sadly, many businesses skip straight to this step. Hopefully, this post has got it clear that there are some vital steps that you must take before you start creating and curating engaging content to distribute on your social media channels.
Let’s now consider the fun part, posting to social media. You know who your ideal customer is and you used that information to create your social media mission report. Provided with this information it should be simple for you to start creating and curating content. So, what exactly is supposed content? Here are a few samples of content you could create:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Company News
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Interviews

The list of content ideas continues on and on, but make certain you focus only on forms of content that follow with your mission statement, as well as your skillset. Content is what feeds social media, so you must think to create high quality, engaging content as a top preference.
I greatly recommend that you create a content calendar that outlines how frequently you will post to all networks, which points you will share and while you will share them.

Step 6: Invest in a Social Media Management Tool

“We live in times in which ordinary people can do amazing things using the right tools”
Most marketers have a mystery, they leverage tools to increase their productivity. Ok, maybe it isn’t a secret, but without tools, marketers would face regular burnout (many do even with tools). When it comes to social media, having a social media management tool enables you to compare your efforts with ease.
One of the main benefits of a social media management tool is the capability to schedule posts ahead of time. Remember that content calendar you planned? Make sure your scheduled posts in your social media management tool follow with your content calendar.

Step 7: Track, Analyze, Optimize

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase
This may be the most powerful step when it comes to working on social media. Even the best social media marketers rely on trial and error. It might seem basic, but following your results, examining the data and then creating tweaks to optimize them is essential.
Each previous level should be re-evaluated after you have had a moment to analyze the outcomes of your marketing aims. Let the data hit you. If it is telling you Facebook or Twitter is your most effective channel, think doubling down.
A great social media strategy is nevermore set in stone. It is a continuous work in progress that evolves when necessary. So get out there, create a strategy and start optimizing it as you stretch to grow and discover more about your business and your audience.

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