Effects of Bad Website Design on SEO

Effects of Bad Website Design on SEO

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Effects of Bad Website Design on SEO is highly considerable. Search Engine Optimization and web design go hand in hand. SEO is undoubtedly one of the major aspects for any business for its digital presence, but many people don’t realize that SEO works well with a good web design. Often many businesses only think about SEO when they have their website designed or redesigned. Unfortunately, these sites lack the digital marketing front and Search Engine Optimization . If you are also not getting desired results from a webpage such as decreased bounce rates and increased conversion, it’s time to evaluate the website design.

What is Considered as Bad Website Design And How It Effects On SEO?

User experience is vital for quality SEO. A poorly designed website is less likely to grab visitors’ attention and make them complete an action such as joining a mailing list or buying a product. If the web page loads slowly or is difficult to navigate, around 95% of visitors leave the page within seconds. While the designing trends keep on changing, a few basic components remain evergreen. These are:

  • Clean layout
  • Easy to follow navigation
  • Industry-appropriate design
  • Compatibility

Common Web design Mistakes which effects Search Engine Optimization.

The most common mistakes web designers and businesses commit are:

  • Designing a website without a clear message.
  • Using different and too many elements that overlook the site’s purpose. 
  • No mobile optimization
  • Lack of links and simple navigation
  • Un-clickable buttons and unreadable text.

How Bad Web Design Affect SEO and How it is a ranking Factor ?

The importance of website design in today’s world cannot be underestimated. It plays a vital role in the overall digital marketing strategy. There are many factors of website design that can affect SEO.

  • Difficult Navigation

The main problem that comes with a bad web design is navigation. If your website is not well-designed, odds are, your visitors may not be able to access the web pages of your site. Dropdown tabs may not properly drop-down, and some buttons may not function well. When visitors are unable to access the pages of your site, your SEO will be hurt. It is because difficult navigation results in fewer visitors and traffic on your site. Even in a few cases, visitors won’t be able to navigate links as they are broken due to a lack of proper maintenance. 

Effects of Bad Website Design on SEO

Content is an essential aspect of SEO and web design marketing strategy. But with poor website design, your content becomes inaccessible, especially for mobile users. Even if users access your content through desktops, it doesn’t mean they will have the same experience on mobile. If not optimized, content may appear too large to fit the mobile screen or appear broken apart. In a few cases, poor website design makes content inaccessible due to poor ad placements. For any website, ads are the lifeblood. However, you can’t put ads anywhere you like without proper planning. If not planned well, ads can block off a part of your content. This also increases the bounce rate as people are unable to see your content. 

When UI and UX is not good it experiences high bounce rates with their visitors. Basically, bounce rate is the statistic that determines how long a visitor stays on a website. A high bounce rate denotes less time a visitor stayed on a site. This usually happens due to bad website design while link building. So, when a visitor clicks on the link, you want them to return to your site to finish reading your content. However, with bad design, your visitors will go to your competitors’ websites and skip to revisit your content. Instead of opening a different tab, mostly links restore the current tab visitors are on. Unless they are reminded to go back, they forget about your site. 

Best Ways to Fix Bad Website Design for SEO

When it comes to the benefits of web design from an SEO perspective, there are many. A good website design with proper SEO can do wonders for your business. In case, you have a bad website design, you can fix it by following the below-mentioned ways.

Use a Responsive Web Design

Effects of Bad Website Design on SEO

If you want to avoid unreadable and inaccessible content on mobile, go for a responsive web design for your website pages. A responsive design optimizes your website in order to display the content that fits mobile’s screen and resolutions without any hassle. Remember, Google always favor responsively designed website as it helps the site to rank higher on SERPs. 

Reduces your plugins and other elements

Another common way Bad Website Design And Its Effects On SEO is by slowing it down. When a website becomes slow, it ranks at the bottom of the search results. The reason is that Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and more don’t want their users to find slow sites. The best solution to this problem is to speed up your website by removing unwanted plugins. The main reason your website slows down is due to too many plugins and other elements. When you remove them, you are making it load faster, which is a plus for your SEO strategy as well. 

Fix broken links

One of the most important things you can do to boost SEO and fix design is to fix broken links. Outbound links that are going out of your website help with SEO by boosting the credibility of links. So, make sure no links lead to broken pages. You can also fix inbound links ensuring the landing page does not take long to load, aren’t missing or broken, and make sure they contain internal links with relevant (anchor) text & keywords.

Hire The Best Web Design and SEO Experts

Effects of Bad Website Design on SEO

Whether you are looking to design a new website or redesigning your website, Webroot Technologies can help you with a web design important for SEO. As one of the most important parts of making a website more appealing, website design also ensures that your site receives the maximum visitors. With our team of web designers and SEO experts, we ensure to make your website design SEO friendly. If you are looking for a well-designed website that works well on Search Engines and helps you convert leads, get in touch with us today! 

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